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Welsh Government Strategies - ‘Iaith Pawb’ 2003 a ‘Iaith fyw: iaith byw’ 2012

‘A living language: a language for living’

“Our vision is to see the Welsh language thriving in Wales.”

The overall vision is to see:

an increase in the number of poeple who both speak and use the language
more opportunities for people to use Welsh
an increase in people's confidence and fluency in the language
an increase in people's awareness of the value of Welsh, both as part of our national heritage and as a useful skill in modern life
the strenghening of the position of the Welsh language in out communities
strong representation of the Welsh language throughout the digitial media

Six Strategic areas have been identified as the basis for the strategy:

The Family
Children and Young People
The Community
The Workplace
Welsh Language Services

The 'A living language: a language for living'strategy acknowledges the importance of the 3rd sector.

“The organisations forming the sector touch the lives of a great many people in Wales by, for instance, providing care and support, working with communities, and getting people involved in a wide range of events and activities. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the use of Welsh by third sector organisations is promoted and facilitated as much as possible.”

A living language: a language for living – Moving forward

‘A living language: a language for living - Moving forward’

“The purpose of this policy statement is to set out our focus over the next three years aswe continue to implement the strategy. This statement has been informed by a number of developments since we published our strategy in 2012.”

In light of the above, we have identified four themes for our focus for the next three years.

1. The need to strengthen the links between the economy and the Welsh language.
2. The need for better strategic planning for the Welsh language.
3. The use of Welsh in the community.
4. The challenge of changing linguistic behaviour.

For more information about Moving Forward please follow the link.
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