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Language Awareness Training

 Ffion Alun - Community Voice Field Worker

Ffion Alun - Community Voice Field Worker

Language awareness training sessions can be very effective methods of changing attitudes and of changing practice in the use of language in the Third Sector by asking

Why do we need to give attention to the Welsh language?
What do we need to know about the language and its speakers?
How can we act in a way that facilitates the use of the Welsh language?

Usually, training occurs as part of a wider process of strengthening the Welsh language within the 3rd sector organisations – possibly by introducing a Language Scheme. We can provide half-day or full-day courses.

Language Awareness Training provides an opportunity to consider:

Attitudes towards the Welsh language
Personal practice
Demography / current facts, and the impact of history
Language and power
Behaviours and needs of bilingual people
Increasing and normalising the use of the Welsh language

Language Awareness Training is not:

X a Welsh learning course
X a political subject
X a discussion of the ‘Pethe’ (Welsh cultural issues)
X something that is more relevant to one language community than another

IAITH cyf, the charity that administers Estyn Llaw, offers a wide programme of courses for the public, private and voluntary sectors. The programme is regularly updated and can be found here.
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