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Want to Volunteer?

A large number of Welsh speakers give of their time and energy to support local community organisation, often without identifying or knowing the term ‘volunteering’. The common pattern with Welsh organisations is ‘helping out’, such as with the Urdd, YFC, Merched y Wawr, the chapel, village hall etc. However, with the growing number of regional and national voluntary organisations calling out for bilingual volunteers, it is important for Welsh speakers who want to volunteer and contribute, to search for ‘formal’ opportunities. This is possibly something that is unfamiliar to a number of Welsh speakers, but voluntary organisations all over Wales realise that they can’t offer a fully bilingual service without the dedication and skills of bilingual volunteers.

By searching for ‘formal’ volunteering opportunities where you will be able to use Welsh, you will be supporting voluntary and community organisations to increase their use of Welsh and enabling members of the public and users of voluntary services to use Welsh, and to receive services in Welsh.


For young people who are looking for suitable volunteering opportunities, Gwirvol is the perfect starting point. The website,contains a wealth of suggestions about formal voluntary work specifically for young people.

How to find formal opportunities?

There are Volunteering Centres in all parts of Wales, more often than not working closely with the county Voluntary Services. You can find the contact details of your nearest centre and a list of available opportunities by visiting gwirfoddolicymru

Remember to tell the officials at the Centre that you want to use your Welsh language skills in any voluntary placement. This will enable them to look for voluntary organisations who have asked specifically for bilingual volunteers.

If you are more comfortable making contact with Estyn Llaw in the first place, you are welcome to do so, and we can contact the relevant Volunteering Centres on your behalf. If you would like Estyn Llaw to help you with your search for a Welsh organisation to voulteer for please contact us on our
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